We're officially at the midpoint between winter and spring!

January 2023

A cemetery for patients from a now-abandoned circa-1907 NJ sanatorium.
A simple bath salt recipe.
A modest 1742-era cemetery near an est. 1819 church in New Jersey.
Here's how to make bedtime the best time.
This 1760-era New Jersey cemetery is a VIBE.
A bonus piece for paid subscribers.
A Pennsylvania-based quilting group established in 1989.
How to make your own herbal tea, with meaning.
Part two of SPWTD 11, detailing an 1859 murder that rocked a small NJ town.

December 2022

Books, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and albums that served as bright spots in an otherwise dark year.
My tried and true favorite ritual for ushering in a fresh start.