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I’m a journalist who’s written for Kinfolk, Vanity Fair, and Vulture—among many others—over the course of my 15-year career (check out this selection of my clips). After moving from New York City to an 1847-era cottage on a farm in the New Jersey countryside, I’ve slowed down, written my first novel, and discovered the beauty and magic in the everyday.

In these posts, I turn my keen eye on rural and farm life, the craft of writing, my favorite reads, witchcraft, spiritual mediumship, tarot, and any other historical or metaphysical curiosity that comes my way.

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Musings from a writer, reader, and spiritual medium who left NYC after 15 years to live in a circa-1847 cottage on a farm in the NJ countryside.


Katie Calautti

Writer, reader, spiritual medium, and cemetery explorer who left New York City after 15 years to live in a circa-1847 cottage on a farm in the New Jersey, USA countryside.