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Pat was my Nana. Your writing brought happy tears to my eyes. You painted such a beautiful picture of the community these ladies share. While I don’t know all of them personally I have heard their names in stories by her many times and even remember curling up in her sunroom admiring and studying their handiwork on days when she hosted the quilting group. It is ironic that last night I was sitting at my dining room table as a grown woman playing with quilt blocks she gave me as a child, trying to work out a plan for a quilt I’d like to make with her machine that I’ve inherited. The lessons she taught me in sewing and in life are invaluable. Thank you so much for paying tribute to decades of hard work, friendship, and this beautiful craft. - Megan

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Absolutely wonderful story. Please keep roaming around finding quilters and knitters to interview! The photos were gorgeous!

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Katie - the article was wonderful and it was such a pleasure to meet you! We really appreciate your beautiful writing and the sharing of our story. Whenever you are ready to start quilting, join us on a Wednesday! Thanks, Gina

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